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We offer a fast, objective and discreet analysis of senior management to assess cultural fit, personnel or organisational issues. Our clients find this service particularly helpful for evaluating existing performance during mergers and acquisitions, or for upcoming roles in the mid-term. We make a thorough evaluation before offering our specific recommendations.

Our Approach

We evaluate the candidate’s profile against a given set of competencies; their knowledge, personality traits, capabilities and attitudes against the requirements of the position. Our objective assessment has wider application, from strategic redirection, to management overhaul or mergers and acquisitions. We quickly and comprehensively identify: management team strengths and weaknesses, change-readiness across an organisation, bench marks for internal and external resources. This may result in our recommending organisational development, specific career paths, succession plans or talent development programmes.

Management Appraisal
In today’s rapidly evolving business world, companies face competitive pressures and are forced to adapt rapidly to changing conditions. A critical factor is the need to identify, develop and retain high performers within the business.
The management appraisals we perform provide a timely, objective and precise assessment of an organisation’s human capital.

This service is particularly valuable to organisations facing immediate challenges such as:
    Mergers or acquisitions
    Strategic re-direction
    Turnaround or restructuring
    Critical transition in a period of dramatic growth
    Succession planning

A neutral and objective assessment of management talent
Our philosophy of recruiting outstanding consultants, our unique methodology which leverages our experience in assessing thousands of international executives, our evaluation and benchmarking techniques and our multicultural team approach provide our clients with a reliable, and objective assessment of the management talent available to meet the strategic needs of the business.

A timely and effective service
Our clients face intense competitive pressure in rapidly evolving markets. When a large organisational change has to be conducted, assessment should be considered as one of the key elements in the project.

Time is one of the critical factors of success.

Right at the outset of each project we bring together the right team of consultants, with relevant expertise and experience, to quickly carry out the assessment.

A communication tool
Throughout the assessment project, we become part of the client project team, helping the organisation prepare the necessary changes. Assessment is not only an outstanding tool for making the right decisions, it is also an effective tool in helping management to prepare the organisation for impending change.

A tailor-made service
We take great care in assessing each project in order to provide a flexible service which is adapted to the specific needs of the client’s situation. With our unique methodology, we offer precise and rigorous processes which guarantee the objectivity of our recommendation.

During the preparation phase, we work closely with our client in order to find a project framework which is best suited to support the organisational decisions that need to be made.

  A professional team of consultants
Our appraisals are all conducted by a team of consultants with specific assessment skills and relevant industry experience. The evaluation and benchmarking abilities which we develop in our regular executive search work, are supplemented by specific training in management appraisal techniques.

Our unique team approach enables us to provide the right team for each project which will combine sector knowledge, functional expertise, geographic experience and culture understanding.

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